First Rehearsal!

Last night was the first rehearsal for Jekyll & Hyde. Following the normal announcements that we give on every show, Raissa, our Director, shared her vision for the show with the cast and the assorted staff members who were present.

Raissa sharing her vision with the cast
Raissa sharing her vision for the show with the cast

She has a really inspired vision for this show, which I won’t share here yet because I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but the cast was very excited about it.

The cast listening intently
The Cast, listening intently
Nick Moline giving a spiel about being the producer of the show and how excited I am to be working the show.
I gave a little speech too.

Once all the formalities were done, the cast circled up on the stage to start a circle-read through the script. Of course, they couldn’t wait to start singing and it wasn’t long before the sounds of singing were heard out in the lobby.

I had to step back into the theater when I heard James Schott belt out “This is the Moment,” and again when I heard Chloë Angst pouring her soul into “Alive.”

Jekyll & Hyde will be an incredible experience and we hope to see you there when we open on September 14th. You can get your tickets now.

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