Photo Shoot

An important part of the production of any show is the photo shoot. The photos we take here are used in our posters and other production materials and helps us get an early look of how the show can look. Those promotional materials are coming very soon, but in the mean time, enjoy this behind the scenes look at our photo shoot!

First Rehearsal!

Last night was the first rehearsal for Jekyll & Hyde. Following the normal announcements that we give on every show, Raissa, our Director, shared her vision for the show with the cast and the assorted staff members who were present. She has a really inspired vision for this show, which I won’t share here yet because I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but the cast was very excited about[...]

First Production Meeting

This morning the production staff for Jekyll & Hyde gathered together in the lobby of the Sunnyvale Theatre to hold our first full production meeting for the show. It is very exciting to hear how much we’ve each been working on already and I know you are going to enjoy this show. Our director, Raissa shared her vision for the show, our set designer Ben even shared a little foam-core[...]

Auditions Were Incredible

Our creative staff was absolutely blown away by the sheer talent that came out to audition for Jekyll & Hyde. One thing is certain, this show will be incredibly powerful.